Second Circle - Diode

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Second Circle

This is a preview of the new EP artwork which is now in the digital pipeline - out very soon. Track list, lyric quotes and credits to follow...

Second Circle by Diöde

  1. Mini Bar “Perfect in small doses, for a limited time.” 
  2. Heavenly White “ You step out on the salt lake and the crystals cut your skin, you feel a little tingle as the energy rushes in.” 
  3. Jupiter “ Are you a being or a kind of star? I'm scared of you though you are far away.”

  4. Zero “You can keep your send off and your long service leave, I was only here for the visual things and invisibly I leave.” 
  5. Second Circle “I decided to overtake quickly and used white angel's technique of looking without making eye contact.”
All songs written by Kevin Robertson & Jenny Griffiths, © Diöde 2014

All songs performed by Diöde.
Jenny Griffiths - vocals, guitar and keyboards
Rosie Rooney – bass, vocals
Kevin Robertson - drums

Second Circle recorded at Mixed Signals by Crispin Wellington and in analogue at Stable Sound by William Hooper. Mixed by Diöde and mastered by Ben Chase at Tonal Designs.
All artwork © Kevin Robertson

Thanks to Pete Hobbs for additional guitars on Jupiter and Zero. Violin on Mini Bar by
Kate Robertson. Thanks also to Lisa MacKinney.

Diöde are based in Perth, Western Australia


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