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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Messages by Diöde

Diode's first CD album from 2001 has now been released onto the internet for the first time. Featuring 10 spoken word/drone/relaxation tape/house tracks recorded in wide tape analogue mono with guest spots by Robin Warren and the 'G' twins, Low Noise Recordings is proud to herald the release of "Messages"...

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Visiting Woodstock woolshed

Visiting Ravensthorpe in 1999, you are aware that you are close to the place where the Triffids recorded In The Pines back in the 80’s. Unlike Liverpool’s fascination with the fab four, there are no signs in the town that something of cultural significance has occurred here. The large “A“ frame sign in the information bay has the usual WA town standards, caravan park, mining sites, maps and distances, but not a thing about the Triffids.

Eating dinner in the hotel later, after a glass of wine, you bravely ask the waitress if they know where the Triffids recorded their album. A version of ‘never heard of it’ is the dismissive response and you retire to your hotel room embarrassed, wishing you had kept quiet. As you fall asleep, you can see the antique light fixture making interesting shadows on the pressed-tin ceiling and hear David McComb singing, “higher , higher, flames grow higher” on repeat in your head.

Room 8, The Palace Hotel Ravensthorpe, 1999

Then something unusual happens. In the morning at breakfast in the dining room, someone has come to see you. A woman has heard through the town’s whispering chain that you are interested in the Triffids. She can take you to the Woodstock farm to see the woolshed where the album was recorded.

Inside the shed, there is a strong sensory input that cannot be gleaned from the recording, text or photos - the strong smell of sheep and raw wool. The shed is not a trendy architectural space, it is cluttered with dark wooden ramps and fences for the purpose it was built, shearing.  You thank the woman and before you leave, you make one loud clap of your hands and the sounds rebounds like you just won some money. The sound of the natural reverb is completely familiar, it is the exact sound that permeates that record, In The Pines by the Triffids.
Kevin Robertson, 2016

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Perth's Post-rock pioneers Junkspacer evoke the vast spaces of Western Australian landscape on this EP The Mindphone Experiment - always worth a visit in our humble opinion:

Friday, June 26, 2015

It's out! Announcing the digital release of “Archive” - a compilation of Diode's greatest hertz. This selection of works from Diode's three mini albums features the distinctive, cool vox of Jenny and Rosie, covering trans-romantic themes (an ode to obscure operating systems in Puppy or fear of giant planets in Jupiter), delivered from a base of post-pop, dreamy sounds on robotic beats. It could be time to open the Mini Bar...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Diode, Second Circle reviews

Second Circle
Low Noise Records
Perth trio, Diode, have been quietly going about their business for more years than many can recall playing the most underground of gigs and arts events. They are the type of band that you would expect to find playing in a musty venue in a Wim Wenders film while poets and punks drink to excess.
Latest release, Second Circle, feels like it is from another era as it pulls on the flavours of New York past. Mini Bar has a propulsive rhythm section backing the shared vocals of Jenny Griffiths and bass playing local music stalwart, Rosie Rooney. Heavenly White chugs along with fuzzed out guitars as if someone crossed Siouxsie And The Banshees with the Jesus & Mary Chain to be both dark and enthralling.
Griffiths’ voice has grown in stature and now has some glitter to add to its grit particularly on Jupiter as the band explore the atmospheric ground of the likes of Galaxie 500. Most songs clock in at just over two minutes as Diode embark on their most concise phase yet. The results speak for themselves.
There is a DIY ethos to the majority of Second Circle and yet it is the most accomplished effort from Diode to date. Second Circle is evidence of a band that has grown into itself and is blossoming without compromising on their art house roots.
Diode – Second Circle
Diode mightn’t have been gigging much but they’ve certainly been refining and augmenting their sound behind closed doors. “Second Circle” is their third release, and its beautifully recorded songs – like “Mini Bar” and “Zero” – evoke equal parts Nico, Broadcast and Jesus & Mary Chain. Worth every penny.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Second Circle

This is a preview of the new EP artwork which is now in the digital pipeline - out very soon. Track list, lyric quotes and credits to follow...

Second Circle by Diöde

  1. Mini Bar “Perfect in small doses, for a limited time.” 
  2. Heavenly White “ You step out on the salt lake and the crystals cut your skin, you feel a little tingle as the energy rushes in.” 
  3. Jupiter “ Are you a being or a kind of star? I'm scared of you though you are far away.”

  4. Zero “You can keep your send off and your long service leave, I was only here for the visual things and invisibly I leave.” 
  5. Second Circle “I decided to overtake quickly and used white angel's technique of looking without making eye contact.”
All songs written by Kevin Robertson & Jenny Griffiths, © Diöde 2014

All songs performed by Diöde.
Jenny Griffiths - vocals, guitar and keyboards
Rosie Rooney – bass, vocals
Kevin Robertson - drums

Second Circle recorded at Mixed Signals by Crispin Wellington and in analogue at Stable Sound by William Hooper. Mixed by Diöde and mastered by Ben Chase at Tonal Designs.
All artwork © Kevin Robertson

Thanks to Pete Hobbs for additional guitars on Jupiter and Zero. Violin on Mini Bar by
Kate Robertson. Thanks also to Lisa MacKinney.

Diöde are based in Perth, Western Australia