Second Circle - Diode

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Diode initially formed with Kevin Robertson on drums and sequencer loops and Jenny Griffiths on vocals and keyboards to develop a fragile experimental sound. Rosie Rooney joined on bass/vocals and the band changed shape embracing previously spurned guitar sounds, re-discovering distortion and improvisation. Diode play a unique brand of avant-rock, blending live instruments, home-made sequencer and oscillator sounds layered with ethereal vocals and spoken word. Diode has played at the Tote bar in Melbourne as part of “Octopus 7, Don’t Show Me Your Poetry” and was featured in “Old Skool” at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. Diode was invited to play at the Art Gallery of WA for the opening of PEEP and also played at the opening of the Linden 1968 exhibition in Melbourne