• NoizeMaschin!! #7 - Perth Audio Weird Performance Awards 2011 night

      Tuesday, 17 January 2012 19:30 until 23:30

  • Take That, Ears!

    The Inaugural PAWPAW 2011 evening, where we look back on what the Perth Experimental music scene has achieved in 2011. With all the pageantry and glamour of a Wollongong RSL chook raffle crossed with a high school awards night, this will be one evening n...ot to miss!

    $10 entry fee to support the space.


    Diode - Bent rock noise art, deconstructed song structures, phased recorder and squelchy sounds layered with female vocals and spoken word.

    Thaddeus TheExhile - Doom gets a warm welcome within the Artifactory walls.

    Mystery PAWPAW Winner #1! - Soon to be announced once the voting has finished!

    Mystery PAWPAW Winner #2! - Also, soon to be announced once the voting has finished!

    The Uncanny Valley - New analogue/digital/acoustic ensemble of De Groot / Gillies / G'Froerer, has their premier performance and first moment in the sun.

    Brett Smith - Jazz guy does credit to his genre!

    Mitchell Mollison - In his final performance before moving to Melbourne, Mitchell leaves it all out on the field, musically speaking of course...

    SKoT McDonald aka Dr Vellocet - The promogulator of strange beats returns for another round of industrial-esque noise goodness!

Unit 8, 16 Guthrie Street, 6017